Catheter Ablation Master Class

Friday, May 12 
10:30 am – 12:30 pm

New this year! The Catheter Ablation Master Class will be moderated by Sunny S. Po, MD, PhD and the expert, Warren M. Jackman, MD, FHRS, will choose a highly relevant topic and start with giving a lecture, followed by case presentations unknown to him. The audience will see how he thinks aloud on these unknown cases followed by Q&A. 

Sunny Po

Sunny S. Po, MD, PhD

W. Jackman

Warren M. Jackman, MD, FHRS



  • Rajeev K. Pathak, MBBS, PhD
  • Fernando M. Contreras-Valdes, MD

Learning Objectives:

  • To explain the details of diagnosis, mapping and ablation of difficult arrhythmias
  • To identify a step-by-step approach to difficult unknown cases and identifying critical information related to the case
  • To discuss nightmare experiences with the master and seek guidance


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