Featured Symposia

Featured Symposia

Our Featured Symposium sessions focuses on one central theme with faculty known for expertise in the subject area. Each 90-minute session is comprised of two session chairs, three to four invited speakers, and a 30-minute Q&A.

Don't miss out on these exciting exchanges!  


Thursday, May 11

C-042 - International EP Care: Advancing the Global Arrhythmia Mission

Session Description: This session will focus on the HRS mission in engaging societies around the globe to address barriers to the achievement of that goal.

C-069. EP in 2020 & Beyond: Get Ready - The World is Changing!

Session Description: This session will focus on how technology may evolve over the next decade & its impact upon the way in which EP healthcare will be delivered.


Friday, May 12

C-112. Practical Approach to the Use of New Tools and Techniques in Complex Ablation and Device Implantation Procedures

Session Description: With expanding techniques and tools for complex ablation and device implantation procedures, a variety of different approaches may be adopted at different centers. The 'tricks of the trade' will be shared from around the globe in this joint session.

C-141. Do You Want a Job in 10 Years? - You Had Better Come & Pay Attention!

Session Description: This session will focus on the changing healthcare environment.


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