Master Class Sessions

Heart Rhythm 2018 will present four sessions under this newly developed format. Each session will be led by a Master whom is an expert on a highly relevant topic, followed by case presentations unknown to them presented by an expert panel. The audience will see how the Master thinks aloud on these unknown cases followed by Q&A. 


Thursday, May 10

B-029. Deciphering Complex SVT

Session Description: TBD


Friday, May 11

B-089. Masterful Dissection of Vexing Diagnostic Dilemmas in the EP Lab

Session Description: TBD

B-112. Would I Give This Patient an ICD?

Session Description: Join us as three highly experienced electrophysiologists present and discuss commonly encountered clinical cases with the master. What is the best way to risk stratify ischemic cardiomyopathy patients with EF over 35%? Should patients with recovered LV function have their primary prevention ICD replaced? And what about those patients presenting with VT/VF who have a reversible etiology? The master will share clinical pearls and words of wisdom.

B-115. Oh Captain, My Captain

Session Description: A senior and expert pediatric electrophysiologist will be presented 2 ep/ablation cases about which he has no knowledge. He will be asked to "think out loud" as he comes to the diagnoses and defines therapy. The case presenters will have prepared cases in advance.


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