Pediatric & Adult Congenital Heart Disease Programming

Heart Rhythm 2017 has 24 sessions specifically tailored to heart rhythm specialists focused on Pediatrics/Adult Congenital Heart Disease.


Wednesday, May 10

C-MC05. You Can't Get There From Here: Challenges and Solutions in Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Session Description: This Mini-Course will focus on core issues in Adult Congenital Heart Disease, including ablation strategies, sudden death risk stratification, and surgical management.

C-MC10. Inherited Arrhythmia Screening Strategies and Controversies

Session Description: This Mini-Course will explores the advantages and disadvantages of varying screening strategies.


Thursday, May 11

C-002. Implant DFTs: Is it Time to Stop Testing?

Session Description: This debate will explore the practice of DFT testing in the pediatric and congenital population.

C-016. Challenging Tracings in Pediatric Arrhythmias

Session Description: This session will bring challenging and difficult scenarios to the attention of the audience and the invited expert will provide didactic and interactive pathways for diagnosing and managing these arrhythmias in children.

C-017. When Things Go Wrong? Now What? 

Session Description: In this session experts will explore challenging cases, unexpected problems, solutions identified and lessons learned.

C-021. Syncope and WPW: What if it's "Vasovagal"?

Session Description: This debate will explore management and interpretation of syncopal events in the setting of WPW.

C-041. Challenges and Controversies in the Genetics of Sudden Death

Session Description: This session starts with a TED style talk concerning ethical issues surrounding the evaluation of a sudden death victim and their family. Experts in the channelopathic conditions discuss the state-of-the-art evaluation and management of this patient population.

C-067. Recent Guidelines Interpretation and Application in Your Practice

Session Description: This session starts with a TED style talk on the use of guidelines in general practice. Talks will focus on the use of and the problems with the published guidelines in the practical management of children with arrhythmias.

C-068. Toy Story: Using New Tools Effectively

Session Description: This session will review some of the new technologies available for the diagnosis and management of arrhythmias and the use of tools in new and inventive ways.


Friday, May 12

C-080. Capture the most important clinical elements for less frequently seen cardiomyopathies including HCM, ARVC and noncompaction

Session Description: Capture the most important clinical elements for less frequently seen cardiomyopathies including HCM, ARVC and noncompaction.

C-082. How to Manage Patients with Primary Electrical Disease- LQT, CPVT, J Wave Syndromes, Idiopathic VF

Session Description: To make decision taking in clinical management of channelopathy patients easier by providing - from genetics to clinical data - evidence for treatment strategies

C-086. News Drugs and New Uses for Old Drugs

Session Description: This is a session dealing with new pharmacologic strategies for the treatment of arrhythmias.

C-087. Quality Improvement in Pediatric EP

Session Description: This session will provide a practical guide for thinking about and implementing quality improvement into pediatric electrophysiology services.

C-109. Bradycardia: It's Not Sexy But...

Session Description: This session will review some of the unique causes of bradycardia in children and the approaches to diagnosis and management.

C-110. ICD Management in the Current Era

Session Description: This is a session on the up-to-date ICD programming strategies and management of complex device patients.

C-120. The Challenges of Diagnosis and Treatment of Channelopathies

Session Description: This session will introduce attendees to medical experts in the field of inherited cardiac channelopathies. Up to date understanding of the science and clinical expression of these diseases will be addressed. Early repolarization, Brugada Syndrome and LQTS-3 will be discussed, as well as diagnostic techniques including the practical use of WES.

C-130. How to Perform a Zero-Fluoroscopy Ablation

Session Description: This session will discus different modalities aimed to reduce fluoroscopic exposure and achieving zero-fluoroscopy procedures.

C-138. Pearls for Practice Change

Session Description: This is a session that will provide practical advise for the management of a wide variety of problems that are common in a pediatric electrophysiology practice.

C-139. Using Anatomy, Embryology and Imaging to Improve Complex Ablations

Session Description: A detailed look at the anatomy, embryology and advanced imaging techniques to improve success in complex ablations and patients with congenital heart disease.

C-140. Rapid Fire Cases in Pediatrics and Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Session Description: This is session where junior practicing electrophysiologists present challenging cases to the audience and a more senior panel of chairs. This session will encourage audience participation.



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