Maintenance of Certification

HRS has designed a Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Assessment that will allow board certified physicians to earn MOC points by answering reflective questions (shown below), with no more than 100 words for each. Answers will be evaluated for meaningful and active engagement of the participant. Individual data will be shared with the ACCME through their PARS reporting system. Aggregate data from all responses will be used to assist in the planning of future Scientific Sessions and other educational programming. Aggregate data (but no individual data) may be shared with funders or other commercial entities.

Note: Please be sure to complete the CME credit process PRIOR to submitting your MOC responses. The number of MOC points earned will equal the number of CME credits claimed (up to a maximum of 23 points). If you do not claim your CME credit, your MOC points will equal zero.

The MOC Assessment Submission Site will open Wednesday, May 8, 2019.  You must complete the MOC Assessment on or before Friday, June 7, 2019 5 p.m. EST in order to receive MOC Points for Heart Rhythm 2019.  


MOC Assessment Questions

ABIM Points

Identify a new scientific advancement, innovation, guideline or best practice which will influence you to make a change to your practice and explain how it may impact the care and outcomes of your patients with heart rhythm disorders.

ABP Points (Note that ABP requires that diplomates answer all 3 reflective questions)

  1. Identify a new scientific advancement or innovation discussed during the conference and explain how it could impact the care and outcomes of your pediatric patients with heart rhythm disorders.
  2. Describe how you will change your management of pediatric patients to better follow clinical guidelines / recommendations, and explain why you are willing to make this change.
  3. For your pediatric patients for whom management protocols remain controversial, explain how you may alter your management approach based upon what you have learned at the conference.
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