Notice of Unauthorized Registration or Hotel Solicitations

Several unauthorized companies are reaching out to attendees and exhibitors of the 40th Annual Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions via email and/or phone. These companies are offering to assist with conference registration, hotel reservations, and other services such as mailing list sales for the upcoming meeting in May.

A few of these companies have set up websites suggesting an association with the Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions. These sites are designed to look official, but many will have a disclaimer at the very bottom in small print stating that they are not associated with Heart Rhythm 2019.

Most of these sites also claim to offer discounted hotel rates. However, once payment is received, payees are often unable to contact the company despite repeated emails and phone calls, and credit card issuers are typically unable to help secure a refund.


Official Scientific Sessions Website, Registration, and Housing

Please be aware that the Heart Rhythm Society will not guarantee your attendance at Scientific Sessions if you use an unauthorized company. Personal registrations should only be made through Official Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions partners include:

The only official website for Heart Rhythm 2019 is You may see other URLs in use for tracking purposes such as, but those will always redirect to Use only the links on our site to access registration and book your hotel room.


Hotel Phishing Site Example

Unauthorized Solicitations

We have identified the following unauthorized and unaffiliated sites. Do NOT use: 

If you receive an email from an individual who is purporting to sell the HRS 2019 mailing list, block the sender and report it as "Junk/Spam" to your email provider. HRS is not selling the attendee list, and we have not authorized these individuals to sell our attendee list for us.

If you receive a phone call or email from any site regarding HRS and you have questions about their legitimacy, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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