At the Heart Rhythm Society, we have various names for the role of the session moderator (i.e., Chair, Translator, and Moderator). While the title may differ by session, the responsibilities for individuals in this role remain the same. The following is a checklist designed to provide guidance for participants in this role.

  • Monitor the session for scientific integrity and lack of bias. Interject with clarifying comments or questions if any bias or questionable science is identified, and report these issues using the on-site chair survey.
  • The session chair is to review the session information, financial disclosures, and conflict of interest statement provided by the session faculty/presenters prior to the annual meeting. If a conflict of interest is identified, assign a resolution option for the presenter according to the ACCME definitions for Disclosures/COI Resolutions. Contact the team leader or designee if the conflict of interest requires modification to the program or faculty.
  • Provide brief commentaries during the session to help attendees understand the importance of the science presented and the relationship between the presentations (if applicable).
  • Ensuring the session runs smoothly and on schedule.
  • All session chairs are required to participate in a chair call.

Oral Abstract Chair

The Chair must announce the abstract title and the name of the presenter for each presentation. This information is available in the session overview section of your original invitation, Online Itinerary Planner, and mobile app. At the end of each session, the Chair(s) are asked to moderate a 5 – minute Q&A.



Each Translational Electrophysiology Session is assigned a “Translator,” chosen for his/her recognized ability in applying fundamental scientific principles to the clinical practice of electrophysiology. Tasked with keeping the session dynamic and interactive, Translators will preside over the session and will interrupt speakers during their presentation when "translatable" concepts are mentioned. Translators have the option of uploading a presentation for their talk during the Translational EP sessions. However, a presentation is not required for this role.

The translator will give a 5 minute introduction at the beginning of the session, ask questions during each presentation and moderate a 5 minute discussion with attendees at the conclusion of each presentation.


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