Expert Commentators

Session Expert Commentator

Expert Commentators are individuals performing great work in the field who are invited to share their insights, expertise and feedback during selected sessions. As an expert commentator you will be expected to comment on what has been presented and provide your expert opinion regarding how those presentations fit within the archives of science.

Following the presentations, Expert Commentators will have 15-minutes for commentary without the use of audiovisual. Please do not prepare a PowerPoint presentation, your comments should highlight the session’s presentations and help the audience better understand the science and how they integrate with the overall body of knowledge on the session topic.

Abstract Commentators

Abstract Commentators moderate Abstract Plus sessions where five or six abstracts are presented followed by 15-18 minutes for commentary from the Abstract Commentator. HRS does not want these presentations to be a prepared talk on the topic of that session, rather that the time is used to make comments on the papers that have been presented during the session. Comments should highlight those issues that are very important, the issues that may not be as important, or to point out items that might be helpful in discussing the topic at hand and how the body of literature is likely to be moved forward by the specific presentations of that session.

Commentary is to be presented without the use of audiovisual. Please do not prepare a PowerPoint presentation to compliment discussions. The goal of the Abstract Plus sessions is to highlight the session's presentations and help attendees understand how the selected abstracts are important in the overall pursuit of knowledge.

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