Faculty Presenters

The Program Committee is developing a curated selection of sessions based on the education program designed for #HRS2020. The curated collection will be delivered digitally and available on the Society’s online learning platform (Heart Rhythm 365).

Interested faculty who were invited to provide a presentation or talk on the #HRS2020 program, will have the opportunity to record their presentations and submit the recordings for the digital collection. The digital collection will be launched in four monthly releases beginning on May 6, 2020. Specific information and instructions for this opportunity will be sent to all faculty in a forthcoming message, but please understand that this opportunity is optional as I know all of us are facing significant demands during this challenging period.

Faculty invited to non-presentation roles, such as Chairs, Abstract Commentators, Discussants, Judges, Moderators, and Panelists, do not have a presentation to upload, so no additional action is required of you at this time. Your assistance may be requested later as the content for the digital collection is finalized.

  • Reviewing Your Confirmed Faculty Roles

    To review a summary of all of your roles and session participants, view your Invitation Management Portal. Session length and number of participants can be found in the Session Overview section of your task(s).

  • Should I Consider Preparing a Presentation




    Invited Speakers


    Abstract Presenters


    Late-Breaking Clinical Trials Presenters





    Antagonist/Protagonist Rebuttal


    Session Chairs and Co-Chairs


    Abstract Commentator






    Expert Commentator


    Expert Moderator






  • Quick Tips! When Preparing Your Slides

    Title Slide: include the title of the presentation, presenting author's first and last name, and institution

    Avoid Busy Slides: When preparing your slides, you really want to ensure that your design is clear and concise. Font Size 18 pt or higher for headers and 14-16 pt for body information. Helvetica and Arial font style works well.

    Don't Violate Copyrights: Avoid copyright images such as company logos, cartoons, movie stills or comic book characters.

    Disclose All Potential Conflicts: The society will insert a disclosure slide at the beginning of your oral presentation based on the information you have previously disclosed. Always read your disclosure slide out loud to the audience.

    Practice and Prepare: A good rule of thumb when preparing your audio for your slides is to prepare approximately 1 slide per minute. For example, if the length of your presentation is 15 minutes you should have no more than 15-20 slides.


Instructions for Faculty Wanting to Participate

Please go to the following Presentation Management (Orchestrate) site URL to submit your presentation: https://HRS2020.sessionupload.com

Use the email address to which the faculty message was sent. Your initial password is #hrs2020. (Note that passwords on this site are case-sensitive). After logging in for the first time, you will be asked to create a personalized password. Read through the "Guidelines" tab on the sidebar, for helpful information on how to upload your slides, how to record audio, size limitations, and additional considerations.

HRS strongly encourages all faculty who are able and willing to submit audio alongside their presentation. Faculty can easily submit their audio along with their slides via Orchestrate, HRS' presentation management site and instructions on how to record in either PowerPoint or Keynote (iOS) are HERE and can be found under "Guidelines" on Orchestrate. If you have any issues with the Orchestrate URL or your login, please contact Orchestrate@freemanco.com.

Create your file size in a 16:9 aspect ratio to accommodate the screen size and ensure your overall file size is not larger than 2GB when uploading to Orchestrate. The following template is provided to assist with this change, however, it is not required. 

After submitting a file, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact Orchestrate@freemanco.com to ensure that your file was received, using #HRS2020 and your full name (the presenter) as the subject line.

  • How to Make Changes to Your Presentation

    If you need to make changes to a presentation that you submitted, you may resubmit the files on the website using a new file name; you should also delete the earlier submission.

    Once again, on behalf of the entire Scientific Sessions Program Committee, I want to thank you for everything you have done to move our mission forward — to improve the care of patients by promoting research, education, and optimal healthcare policies and standards.

    Your participation in the formation of the content, via the alternative learning platforms, is vital to continue fulfilling our mission together. Thank you for considering this platform to share your expertise and knowledge on arrhythmia care.

    Please visit the FAQ section of the HRSsessions.org site for additional information regarding #HRS2020 cancellation. For questions regarding your roles and the Scientific Sessions Program, contact the Heart Rhythm Society at scientific.sessions@HRSonline.org.

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