AF Summit: AF Ablation of Paroxysmal and Persistent AF: State of the Art in 2018

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Wednesday, May 9
10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

The 2018 AF Summit will present the latest approaches to ablation of paroxysmal and persistent AF. Sessions will focus on the latest developments in the ablation of paroxysmal AF as well as the value of new therapeutic approaches to persistent AF. A special session will be dedicated to the overlap of paroxysmal and persistent AF as well as strategies to avoid ablation complications.


B-AF01. A Relook at Paroxysmal AF Ablation

Session Description: This session aims at challenging the current boundaries of ablation results in paroxysmal AF by presenting new, modified ablation approaches and discussing variations of established techniques.


B-AF02. Persistent AF: Improving Outcomes

Session Description: This session aims at presenting up to date information on AF substrate identification techniques, to show the respective possibilities and limitations of AF substrate mapping and to explain in which patients substrate might be an important ablation target - and in which not.


B-AF03. The Persistent/Paroxysmal Overlap

Session Description: This session aims at presenting new, emerging insight into AF pathophysiology but also new (mapping and ablation) technology possibly improving in future our understanding and therapy of AF.


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