Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices Programming

Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices (CEIDS) session during Heart Rhythm 2020 will be an incredible opportunity to appraise the present and strive towards the future for all heart rhythm professionals.

Dhanunjaya R. Lakkireddy, MD, FHRS

Wednesday, May 6

D-MC06 New Implantable Devices in Electrophysiologic Therapy

Session Description: This is the session that focuses on various implantable therapies that are making a place in clinical EP practices.

D-MC01 Role of Implantable Monitors Subcutaneous Cardiac Rhythm Monitors in EP Practice

Session Description: A Comprehensive Program on the role of Implantable subcutaneous cardiac rhythm monitors in EP practice.


Thursday, May 7

D-JS01 CSPE/CSA HRS Joint Session: How to Perform Left Bundle Branch Pacing?

Session Description: Left bundle branch pacing (LBBP) has emerged as one type of physiological pacing. This session is designed to provide an overall review of the current status of LBBP. The main purpose of this session is to introduce the definition, diagnostic criteria, and implantation methods of LBBP, as well as, the clinical application of LBBP in patients with bradycardia and heart failure.

D-S004 Raising the Safety Bar During Cardiac Device Implantation

Session Description: Not all implant techniques produce similar results. This session teaches how to optimize the implant procedure while maximizing device effectiveness and minimizing risk.

D-S005 New Concepts in Extravascular Defibrillators

Session Description: In this session, expert faculty will discuss new concepts in extra-vascular defibrillators including special populations, patient selection, and new device therapy.

D-S021 Leadless Pacing Practical Applications and Future Possibilities

Session Description: Comprehensive session on Leadless Pacing.

D-S022 Complex CIED Lead Insertion Issues

Session Description: What are your options when it seems that despite your best efforts, that you cannot get a lead access or the lead through the vein and into the heart? This session will describe a number of techniques to handle complex anatomy, occlusions and other problems.

D-S035 Evidence Based Device Programming to Improve Operational Efficiency and Quality of Patient Care

Session Description: This core curriculum session will focus on evidence-based practices for pacemakers, ICD, and CRT devices.

D-S036 Rapid Fire CIED Cases

Session Description: Clinicians will present their tough cases to a panel of experts.


Friday, May 8

D-S048 Staying Alert and Maintaining Focus: How to Diagnose and Manage Complications During Lead Extraction

Session Description: CIED lead extraction usually can be performed safely and effectively. However, when things go wrong, they can go very wrong. This session focuses on minimizing complications during lead extraction, and on how to deal with them when they do occur.

D-S057 Cardiac Implanted Device Extraction

Session Description: In this session, leading experts discuss new and ongoing concepts in device and lead management.

D-S063 Device Detected Atrial Fibrillation: Should AF Episodes < 1 Hour Be Anticoagulated?

Session Description: This is a PRO/CON debate framed around deciding whether short device-detected episodes of atrial fibrillation should be treated with anticoagulation.

D-S064 Permanent Direct Pacing of the His-Purkinje System

Session Description: Permanently pacing the His bundle, and more recently the left bundle branch, is revolutionizing pacing therapy. This session helps new implanters and experienced implanters alike, as they aim toward more physiologic permanent pacing.

D-S074 ICDs Are Beneficial in Older Patients

Session Description: This session relates to ICDs in special patient populations. We will let the speakers decide on what constitutes "older patients". Sana will communicate with the speakers before the meeting.

D-S081 Device Programming 2.0: Improving Outcomes in CIEDs

Session Description: In this session, through illustrative cases presented by experts, we will discuss different aspects of device programming fine-tuning.

D-S082 Does My Patient Need an ICD?

Session Description:This session will teach attendees on risk stratification for SCD and about the role of the ICD in patients who fall in the gray zone.

D-S083 Device Infections: Incidence, Risk Factors, Prevention and Management

Session Description: In this session, expert faculty will discuss the clinical characteristics, incidence and outcomes of preoperative cardiac device infection and the currently available resources to prevent and treat this complication.


Saturday, May 9

D-S095 Outcome Data on His Pacing: Has It Lived Up to the Expectations?

Session Description: This session will review available outcome data on His pacing highlighting what we already know and gaps in knowledge that future research should address.

D-S101 What Every EP Should Know About ICDs?

Session Description: This session will focus on new and emerging data on decisions to implant ICDs, programming, and follow-up considerations.

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