Digital Health: EP Hits Center Stage – Ready or Not!

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Wednesday, May 8
10 a.m. – 5:45 p.m.

Technology and medicine are colliding with an explosion of new advancements in monitoring, diagnosis and disease management. As digital health technologies become more popular and readily available to the general public, we are presented with new opportunities and challenges. How do we address growing awareness and rising levels of expectations held by patients regarding secure access to health care data? During this Digital Health premier session, attendees will hear from experts and pioneers leading the way in the field of digital health tech as they provide guidance, recommendations, and clarity about the safe exchange of data and the navigation of patient-generated data from consumer wearables, apps and other tech. Patients will weigh in with their perspectives, while tech giants discuss how innovations in digital health are creating a new paradigm in patient diagnosis, treatment, and disease management. Their partnerships with healthcare providers will also be emphasized.

*Please note, this session is not eligible for CME credit or MOC points.

Co-Sponsored by the European Heart Rhythm Association

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S-DH01. Digital Health in EP 

Session Description: Discussing the need of digital health in EP, the session will highlight challenges with adoption by health care providers, hospital system challenges, the barriers and issues to sharing patient data plus regulatory and reimbursement concerns.


S-DH02. Digital Health Population Tools for Arrhythmia Identification: Retail and Medical-Grade Equipment

Session Description: Discussing and comparing retail and medical grade devices, consumer wearable technologies including ECG monitoring. Highlighting the pros and cons. Debating regulatory issues in both.


S-DH03. Wearables and Apps: Show Me the Data!

Session Description: Presenting and discussing data generated by digital health apps and devices. Compare outcomes, cost and compliance.


S-DH04. A VC and Entrepreneurs Roundtable: Building a Successful Digital Health Company

Session Description: VCs and entrepreneurs discuss how to support new concepts in digital health and EP. Panel includes CEOs and leaders who have navigated start-up companies and they will discuss examples detailing challenges to entering the field and being successful.


S-DH05. AI in EP: Computational Approaches; AI in Hospital and AI to Classify Arrhythmias

Session Description: The session will discuss the fast growing penetration of machine learning into digital health devices and tools. How fast is the transformation into hospital systems and patient care?


S-DH06. The Role of Tech Giants in Healthcare

Session Description: Tech giants detailing their present and future plans for digital health and how they will partner with healthcare providers. Discussion of R&D efforts and new horizons.


S-DH07. Success Stories: Driving Digital Health Pathways Into Clinical Care at Scale

Session Description: Standardizing digital health into patient care. What does it take? The group will share successes, challenges and recommendations.


S-DH08. Digital Health Live Virtual Visit

Session Description: Real life example. Live virtual visit with a patient post ablation who has been using her smartphone ECG to monitor his/her rhythm post ablation.  The session will provide a true demonstration about the care for EP patients with atrial fibrillation in the current era.


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