Emerging Therapeutics Summit


Lead Management Summit

Wednesday, May 6 - 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The Emerging Therapeutics Summit will cover what is new and upcoming over the next five years that will impact the practice of cardiac electrophysiology. This multidisciplinary summit will cover the latest innovations and potential applications of new technological advances in device therapy, biologic and pharmacologic therapy, mapping of arrhythmias, and ablation. With case-based roundtables, lectures, and panel discussions involving leading experts who are at the cutting edge of innovation, research, and development of novel therapeutic approaches for the treatment of heart rhythm disorders, attendees will be introduced to revolutionary methods treating patients with heart rhythm disturbances.


D-ET01 Biologic and Pharmacologic Approaches to Arrhythmia Therapy

Session Description: This session will explore new pharmacologic and biologic approaches for arrhythmia therapy using a short lecture-panel discussion approach to promote discussion from different perspectives.   New drug targets and delivery strategies will be explored.  The potential for biologic approaches such as stem cell therapy and gene therapy will be discussed by leading experts in the field. 


D-ET02 CIED Technology: A Brave New World or Down the Rabbit Hole?  

Session Description: Device based therapy has been an important tool for the treatment of patients with arrhythmias for the past fifty years.  This session will look to the potential future of device therapy by discussing current “pain points” and how technologic advances may change how we use implanted cardiac devices in the future.


D-ET03 VT/VF Ablation: Where No One Has Been Before 

Session Description: This session will evaluate the current evidence base for ablation of ventricular arrhythmias and current best practices for using an ablation strategy to reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death.  The current gaps and “pain points” for ablation of ventricular arrhythmias will be discussed by leaders in the field along with a review of current technology that is being developed to address these shortcomings.


D-ET04 New Technologies for Understanding the Mechanisms and the Treatment of AF: Hype or New Hope?

Session Description: This session will explore new strategies for optimizing the treatment of atrial fibrillation by reducing complications associated with ablation, using new mapping tools and imaging techniques that may potentially individualize ablation procedures, and modulating the autonomic nervous system.  The potential benefits and current barriers for each of these strategies will be discussed by leaders in the field.


D-ET05 Emerging Therapeutics Summit: Continuing the Conversation

Session Description: This session will be a lively discussion (without use of audiovisual aids) with three 20 minute sessions focusing on the following topics:

Part 1: Novel Ablation Strategies
Part 2: What will the future of Device Therapy “Look Like?”
Part 3: What is the future of arrhythmia therapies that do not use devices or ablation?

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