Featured Symposia

Featured Symposia

Our Featured Symposium sessions focuses on one central theme with faculty known for expertise in the subject area. Each 90-minute session is comprised of two session chairs, three to four invited speakers, and a 30-minute Q&A.

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Thursday, May 9

S-015. Screening for AF in 2019

Session Description: The session will consist of state-of-the art lectures on contemporary discoveries and controversies surrounding AF screening given by leading experts on the cutting edge of innovation and research in population-based screening for atrial fibrillation. The:  lectures will be followed by an interactive panel providing ample time for expert interaction and audience participation.

S-033. CABANA Unplugged

Session Description: This session will feature a comprehensive update and discussion on all aspects of the pivotal CABANA Trial. First, the session begins with the CABANA Trialists presenting the latest results from the trial, inclusive of important secondary endpoints, quality of life, and AF Burden. This will be followed by a 30-minute question and answer period, where the audience will be able to ask all their “burning” questions directly of the trialists. This session will then end with an interactive panel comprised of multiple stakeholders from various backgrounds who will provide their viewpoint of the trials results and implications for patients, clinical practice, future research, and payors followed by an active discussion.


Friday, May 10

S-063. Crash Course in Syncope for Arrhythmia Experts

Session Description: Leading experts in the field of syncope management will deliver state-of-the-art talks on the latest advancements in the diagnosis and management of syncope for the practicing heart rhythm specialist. The symposium will also feature dedicated time for questions and interaction with the audience.

S-082. Sudden Cardiac Death Risk Assessment in the Population

Session Description: The session will feature state-of-the-art talks by experts in the field on all aspects of sudden cardiac death risk assessment in the general population highlighting new discoveries published over the past year that represents significant advances in the field. The symposium will also feature dedicated time for questions from the audience.

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