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New this year! Don’t miss more than 40 sessions catering to the interest of genetic counselors working in cardiovascular electrophysiology. Learn more about our educational opportunities and NSGC accreditation.

Note: This event has been submitted to the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) for approval of Category 1 CEUs. The American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC) accepts CEUs approved by NSGC for purposes of recertification. Approval for the requested CEUs and Contact Hours is currently pending.

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    HRS will notify the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSCG) of your participation no later than June 15, 2018. Note: Individuals participating in the NSGC session(s) and wishing to claim credit were required to enter their member ID and pay a processing fee at the time of registration. This fee cannot be paid post conference. 


Wednesday, May 9 

B-MC09. The Future is Now: What Electrophysiologists Should Know About Emerging Technology and Cutting Edge Research

Session Description: This session is a series of 15 minute talks on the most cutting edge research and technology in pediatric and congenital device management. At the conclusion the chairs will be asked to summarize the session and give their perspective on what was discussed and their thoughts for the future and engage the audience in a discussion. There will be an additional 30 minutes for what we hope will be a thoughtful discussion.


Thursday, May 10

B-SP17. Cardiac Genetic Testing: Maximizing Value and Minimizing Harms

Session Description: The current challenges of cardiac genetic testing are increasingly realized. Where testing is used inappropriately, there can be potential for real harms. This session will focus on the points of the process where careful decisions should be made to maximize the value of cardiac genetic testing and minimize harms. The speakers are experienced cardiac genetic counselors. This session was prepared by the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) Cardiovascular Special Interest Group education committee.


Friday, May 11

 B-SP32. Insights From Precision Autopsies: How Postmortem Genetic Testing Can Help Serve Patients With a Family History of Sudden Death

Session Description: Cardiologists and EPs are often faced with the challenge of managing a proactive asymptomatic patient who comes in with a recent family history of sudden death. A group of genetic counselor panelists will assist you in incorporating the benefits of sequencing technology and molecular postmortem diagnosis to help guide genetic testing decisions and inform management for the patients in your offices. Utilizing data from multiple postmortem research and clinical groups across the United States, join us in learning about a cost effective and informative application of next generation sequencing.


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