Heart Failure Programming

On Wednesday, we are kicking off the Heart Failure Program with 2019 State of the Art: Device Therapy for Heart Failure. Review the how, when, and why of HIS bundle pacing for heart failure, hear clinical perspectives on recent clinical trials, and discuss their relevance to today’s clinical practice. Plus, you can attend additional sessions devoted to managing arrhythmias in patients with advanced heart failure on mechanical circulatory support and arrhythmia management in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Judith A. Mackall, MD, FHRS

Wednesday, May 8

S-MC05. Managing Arrhythmias in HF Patients — Insights from Recent Clinical Trials

Session Description: Managing atrial fibrillation and SCD in heart failure patients is challenging. Which HF patients would benefit from AF ablation? Which HF patients benefit from WCD? Recently published clinical trials: CASTLE-AF , Camera MRI and VEST will be presented. The focus will be on the relevance to clinical practice.

S-MC11. Device Therapy for Heart Failure: State-of-the-Art 2019

Session Description: This session will focus on device therapy for heart failure and present state of the art on LV implantation, programming, and follow up considerations. An update on neuromodulation as a treatment for HF will be presented.


Thursday, May 9

S-012. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: EP Considerations

Session Description: Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a commonly inherited disorder, is associated with both atrial and ventricular arrhythmias. This session will review management of atrial fibrillation, SCD risk stratification, and ICD choice and programming considerations.

S-011. You Won't Find It in the Guidelines! Ask the Master

Session Description: In this Master Class, experienced physicians will present challenging HF cases where a device might be recommended. The Master will weigh the clinical evidence coupled with the wisdom of the ages and discuss the best device option.

S-017. Contemporary Device Therapy to Prevent SCD

Session Description: Join us as we discuss contemporary device therapy for the prevention of sudden death. What is the role of the WCD in clinical practice? The experts will also address primary prevention ICD in the non-ischemic population and how to decide which patient should have a subcutaneous vs a transvenous ICD.

MP09. Mechanistic Insights into Heart Failure Therapies

Session Description: This moderated poster session will present abstracts that increase our understanding of HF therapeutics.

S-029. Cutting Edge Techniques for Expanding Indications: Show Me How to Do It

Session Description: This session will review newer therapies in the treatment of heart failure patients. From device therapy for sleep apnea, cardiac contractility modulation, and alternate site pacing for CRT, speakers will review the clinical utility and tell you how to do it!

S-030. Arrhythmias in the LVAD Patient: Predictors, Mechanisms and Treatment

Session Description: This session will review the hemodynamics of LVAD patients. The predictors, incidence and mechanisms of arrhythmias in the LVAD patient. Complex management options including medical therapy and catheter ablation will be presented.

MP08. Enhancing Clinical Outcomes in Device Therapy Patients

Session Description: Studies examining outcomes and strategies to improve the clinical course of patients receiving ICD's and CRT devices

S-045. Ooh....What Do I Do Now?

Session Description: This interactive session will present complications that occur during routine procedures. The presentations will focus on the recognition, management, and prevention.

S-046. Preventing Sudden Cardiac Death in Heart Failure

Session Description: Join us as we look at heart failure populations not well studied in the primary prevention ICD clinical trials. Various clinical scenarios will be reviewed and optimal approaches discussed.

S-JS05. Evolving Therapeutic Strategies for Atrial Fibrillation in Heart Failure

Session Description: An au-to-date of most recent non-interventional and interventional therapies that have impacted our current approach to alleviate symptoms and improve outcome in patients with heart failure. A Joint Session presented by the European Cardiac Arrhythmia Association (ECAS).


Friday, May 10

S-061. Managing Arrhythmias in Special Heart Failure Populations

Session Description: Common clinical scenarios in patients with HCM, ARVC, CHD, and amyloid will be presented. Attendees will review management and risk stratification in these special heart failure populations.

S-049. Can the RV Be Resynchronized?

Session Description: Right heart failure remains a great challenge in clinical cardiology. In this session, we have asked our speakers to debate the state-of-the-art evidence that electromechanical dys-synchrony of the right ventricle can be treated with current technology.

S-064. Does Every Patient With an LVAD Need an ICD? A Data Driven Debate With No Data

Session Description: This is a lively debate session on the need of an ICD implantation in LVAD patients.

MP10. Innovations in Monitoring and Device Therapy for Heart Failure

Session Description: The moderated poster session will present innovations in LVEF monitoring and in optimizing LV lead position using surface ECG recordings. Delivery of pacing therapy using novel lead technology and a new algorithm to optimize hemodynamic response during exercise will be presented.

S-078. Pacing Strategies for Heart Failure: A 2019 Update

Session Description: This session will review pathophysiology, recognition and treatment of pacing induced cardiomyopathy. It will highlight the use of alternative pacing strategies to deliver resynchronization therapy and address the benefit of individualizing the approach to CRT.

S-079. How to Manage Arrhythmias in Advanced Heart Failure: Device and Medical Options

Session Description: The population of patients with advanced heart failure is growing. Patients are increasingly being treated with ventricular assist devices in addition to conventional heart transplantation. Arrhythmias are common clinical issues, but the optimal management strategies are not certain. In this session, current management approaches are discussed.

S-094. Heart Failure and Arrhythmia — A Sinister Alliance

Session Description: Multiple bidirectional mechanistic links exist between HF and various arrhythmias. The session will provide a case-based overview of arrhythmias frequently encountered in the HF patient.

S-JS15. Screening, Diagnosis and Management of Cardiac Sarcoidosis

Session Description: Cardiac sarcoidosis is a clinically fascinating inflammatory disorder that poses both diagnostic and treatment challenges to the clinician. This session will review current data pertaining to the appropriate screening and diagnostic algorithms in patients with suspected cardiac sarcoidosis. It will also review state of the art techniques including electroanatomic mapping-guided endomyocardial biopsy and will conclude with a review of appropriate sudden death risk-assessment and therapy in patients with cardiac sarcoidosis. A Joint Session presented by the Heart Failure Society of America (HFSA).

S-095. Challenging Cases: What to Do When......?

Session Description: Challenging clinical scenarios in heart failure patients will be presented. Options about device choice, lead management, and lead placement will be discussed. Come see if you agree with the expert panel!


Saturday, May 11

S-103. How to Optimally Deliver CRT: Strategies That Enhance Response

Session Description: Despite advances in technology, not every patient responds to CRT. This session will review individualizing LV lead placement as well as different pacing approaches to enhance response to CRT.

S-110. Infiltrative Cardiomyopathies and Acute Myocarditis

Session Description: Inflammatory and infiltrative cardiomyopathies pose unique challenges of diagnosis and medical management. In this session, we will review cases of acute myocarditis, infiltrative cardiomyopathies, Chagas disease, and amyloidosis.

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