Live Case Presentations

Live Cases

Live Case Presentations are an essential component of the Heart Rhythm Annual Scientific Session and provide a real time, case-based opportunity for enhanced comprehension of optimal performance of complex ablations. 

These always-popular high-definition live case transmissions offer a unique learning opportunity for our attendees. Watch a procedure as it is taking place, as if you were present in the gallery! This year’s hosting institutions are Vanderbilt University and Geisinger Heart Institute. 


Thursday, May 9
10:30 a.m. - noon

S-SP10. Live Case Presentation from Vanderbilt University

Session Description:An attempt will be made to select both “easy” and “challenging” anatomy. Pre-procedure imaging and intra-procedural imaging will be reviewed in detail. Tips from an experienced operator concerning challenging aspects of  device implantation will be reviewed

Case Topic 1: VT: Patient with non-ischemic CM will be chosen with recurrent symptomatic VT episodes. Available mapping and ablation system will be used to identify and treat arrhythmic substrate, probably including an epicardial approach. Induction techniques, substrate mapping and ablation of deep targets will be the primary focus

Case Topic 2: LAA occlusion: 2 cases


Friday, May 10
10:30 a.m. - noon

S-SP21. Live Case Presentation from Geisinger Heart Institute

Session Description: His bundle pacing has become increasingly important as a viable strategy for permanent ventricular pacing.  Growing data has supported its clinical use for heart block patients as well as chronic left bundle branch block patients.  Recent pacing guidelines by ACC/AHA/HRS have given a class 2a recommendation for His bundle pacing in patients with EF between 35 to 50% who require >40% ventricular pacing.  It has also become an alternative strategy in patients where successful cardiac resynchronization therapy cannot be achieved with a left ventricular pacing lead.  Operators at the Geisinger Heart Institute have been highly successful over the years in pioneering the procedure.  Two cases will be performed; these include a heart block patient where high degree of ventricular pacing will be anticipated and a case of chronic LBBB or significant intra-Hisian conduction system disease where both His bundle pacing and trans-septal pacing will be attempted to chronically capture the native conduction system.  These cases will highlight the proper techniques to successfully perform the procedure in clinical practice and also educate the audience on the different types of responses to His bundle pacing.

Case Topic 1: How to Implant a His Bundle Pacemaker in a Heart Block Patient.

Case Topic 2: How to Place a Trans-septal Lead to Directly Capture the Left Bundle Branch in Patients with HV block or chronic LBBB

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