Master Class Sessions

Heart Rhythm 2019 will present five sessions under this newly developed format. Each session will feature a panel presenting unfamiliar cases to a Master. Hear the Master's thought process while they interpret the results and reach a diagnosis. Ample time will be provided for a robust Q&A. 


Thursday, May 9

S-011. You Won't Find It In the Guidelines! Ask the Master

Session Description: In this Master Class, experienced physicians will present challenging HF cases where a device might be recommended. The Master will weigh the clinical evidence coupled with the wisdom of the ages and discuss the best device option.

S-027. Approach to Complex VT

Session Description: The expert will commence by giving a lecture, followed by case presentations unknown to the master. The audience will see how the master thinks aloud on these unknown cases followed by Q&A.


Friday, May 10

S-062. Challenge the Legend

Session Description: This is a master class.  Two presenters will each present a complex unknown cases to a master electrophysiologists and the audience will watch as the master thinks through the cases. The chair should confer with the case presenters to make sure that there is no overlap, to make sure that there will be ample time, and to ensure that the case will be interesting to the audience.

S-073. Device Trouble Shooting - Understanding the Post Implant Nuances!

Session Description: The audience will learn to make decisions about when to use CRT versus His bundle pacing.

S-076. Complex SVT - Mastered!

Session Description: This session aims at showing a  master at his work - complex SVT cases are presented to an outstanding, experienced EP person, who will discuss his thoughts and diagnostic steps to understand the pathophysiological mechanisms of the presented arrhythmias.

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