Meet-the-Experts Sessions

Held on Thursday and Friday, these small brown bag lunchtime sessions provide a scholarly exchange between experts and interested clinicians. 


Thursday, May 9

S-017. Contemporary Device Therapy to Prevent SCD

Session Description: Join us as we discuss contemporary device therapy for the prevention of sudden death.  What is the role of the WCD in clinical practice? The experts will also address primary prevention ICD in the non-ischemic population and how to decide which patient should have a subcutaneous vs a transvenous ICD.

S-018. Unresolved Channelopathy Questions

Session Description: This is an opportunity to hear three experts in genetic channelopathy address major unresolved issues in the field.  The audience will gain insight into the cutting-edge science surrounding the care of a channelopathy patient.


Friday, May 11

S-066. Evolving Endpoints of AF Ablation: Mortality, Hospitalization, AF Burden and Symptoms

Session Description: This session will feature some of the clinical trialist who have contributed to the evidence on endpoints of AF ablation. It will allow audience interaction to explore the varied outcomes in trials.

S-067. Avoiding ICD Therapy in Inherited Arrhythmia Syndromes and Cardiomyopathies

Session Description: This session aims at describing difficult decision-taking for SCD prevention in inherited arrhythmia syndromes and cardiomyopathies.

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