Pediatric & Adult Congenital Heart Disease Programming

Heart Rhythm 2018 has 24 sessions specifically tailored to heart rhythm specialists focused on Pediatrics/Adult Congenital Heart Disease.


Wednesday, May 9

B-MC04. Sudden Death in the Young: Over the Horizon

Session Description: This session will start with a TED-Style talk on how to organize a team to investigate sudden death in the young. The speaker is an expert in this area with a well-define and very functional investigative team and will share the successes and barriers to putting this team together and making it work. 

B-MC09. The Future is Now: What Electrophysiologists Should Know About Emerging Technology and Cutting Edge Research

Session Description: This session is a series of talks on the most cutting edge research and technology in pediatric and congenital device management.


Thursday, May 10

B-SP11. History Session: Paul Gillette’s Legacy in Pediatric and Congenital Electrophysiology

Session Description: The session will highlight the immense impact of Dr. Paul C. Gillette on the development of electrophysiology, and his legacy. Stories will be told.

B-022. My Gray Hair Trumps....

Session Description: This is a session where 4 senior electrophysiologists explain in a case-based manner how they managed a case in a nontraditional manner and maybe even contrary to what is published in the literature and in guidelines. We hope that this is an interactive session, full of questions from the audience for the experienced panel of speakers.

B-036. A Double Hit Hurts More

Session Description: This is a session detailing some of the complexity in the diagnosis and management of patients when 2 disease processes co-exist and some of the issues related to treatment when this level of complexity occurs.

B-037. Early Postoperative Arrhythmias: When Should Worry be Replaced by Action?

Session Description: This a pediatric and ACHD session focusing on arrhythmias that occur after heart surgery.

B-054.The Marriage of ACHD and Electrophysiology: A Lifetime Together

Session Description: This session will start with a TED style talk by a leader in the field of ACHD and EP and outline some of the future therapy for this population. 

B-055. Biochem 101: A Must For Your Major

Session Description: This session is on translational science and the merging of basic science with clinical EP. The speaker will present cutting edge science and how it relates to clinical EP and patient care.


Friday, May 11

B-071. SUBQ ICD. Great Technology That is Here to Stay

Session Description: Capture the most important clinical elements for less frequently seen cardiomyopathies including HCM, ARVC and noncompaction.

B-072. How to Know When Not To....

Session Description: This is a session where the focus of each 10 minute talk will focus on when not to do a procedure. We have a session that is a mixture of junior and senior speakers. This will be a session that is of interest to allied professionals who are in the EP lab and those with device expertise and fellows in training.

B-076. Clinical SVT: No Jump. No Echo. No Question. Ablation!

Session Description: Two experts will argue whether an empiric ablation is indicated in child where you know there is clinical SVT but in whom an EP study does not uncover a jump and no SVT is induced. Is it right or wrong to proceed? What are the risk and benefits?

B-095. Learning and Sharing: Pediatric Electrophysiology Across the Pond and Across Borders

Session Description: A series of standard talks that deal with a variety of issues faced by pediatric electrophysiologists across the glove. These include ablation, devices, and quality. This session will deal with ways we can share across borders to the benefit of all.

B-096. Nightmare Cases in Pediatric and Adult Congenital Electrophysiology

Session Description: Speakers will be asked to present a particularly difficult case and use this as a means to discuss some of the risks and complications associated with arrhythmias, devices, ablation and the use of medications in our patient population.

B-114. Device Therapy for the Future: A Joint Session Pediatrics and CIED

Session Description: This is a combined session between Pediatric and ACHD group and the adult CIED group. This will allow an interface and encourage collaboration and dialogue between adult and pediatric EPs. This will allow the 2 groups to share patient experiences and allow the 2 disciplines to work together, to network and to collaborate for the benefit of the patients and the physicians

B-115. Oh Captain, My Captain

Session Description: A senior and expert pediatric electrophysiologist will be presented 2 ep/ablation cases about which he has no knowledge. He will be asked to "think out loud" as he comes to the diagnoses and defines therapy. The case presenters will have prepared cases in advance.


Saturday, May 12

B-127. Rapid Fire Pediatric and Adult Congenital Cases

Session Description: A series of cases will be presented and 3 commentators will be asked to review the cases for the audience, asking the speakers thought-provoking questions.

 B-138. How to Deal

Session Description: This session deals with getting joy out of your job, navigating the interface with industry in a productive manner and some of the fears as one approaches the first ablation of one's career.



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