Abstract Presenters

Abstract Presenters (Oral Abstract, Poster Session, Moderated ePosters)

HRS is requesting ALL abstract presenters (Oral Abstract, Poster Session, Moderated ePosters) upload an abstract presentation, including a narrated commentary by the author/presenter, to be included on our online learning platform (Heart Rhythm 365). The abstract presentations will be available after the embargo on all accepted #HRS2020 abstracts is lifted on Tuesday, May 5th at 5 pm PT.  Note, your accepted abstract will still appear in the supplement to Heart Rhythm Journal May edition. 

*Below are upload instructions that were sent to all Abstract Presenters via email. To access the upload portal please refer to email sent with the direct login or access it via the HRS Notification Portal and click on the "Presentations" tab. If you have any difficulties contact HRS at abstracts@hrsonline.org *

Three options for you to upload content:

  1. Upload a PowerPoint of your abstract with a recorded description of your abstract 2 – 5 minutes. (Instructions on how to record in PowerPoint)
  2. Upload a single slide or pdf of your approved abstract/poster and record a 2 – 5 minute audio file to upload with you abstract/poster.
  3. Upload a single slide or pdf of your approved abstract/poster.

We encourage you to choose which ever option you wish to highlight your science for your heart arrhythmia community to view by May 1, 2020

Preparing Your Abstract for Uploading

  • Create a PDF or single slide of a traditional flat board poster.
  • Posters should be in landscape orientation 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Include all information from your original abstract submission on your poster. You do not need to have a specific "Abstract" section. This information can be included in other sections of your poster.
  • Include disclosure information for the presenter and lead investigator in the lower right-hand corner. If you have nothing to disclose, include that information as well

Upload a Recorded PowerPoint Abstract (MP4)

Oral Abstract Presenters can submit their audio along with their slides by using the "Record" function in PowerPoint under the "Slide Show" menu. Please record the presentation you have planned for the live meeting and submit the slides with audio/video via standard upload methods.

Upload an Audio File (MP3)

We highly encourage presenters to upload an audio file to their presentation. Presenters can add an audio file (MP3) of 2-5 minutes in length to their electronic abstract that will be accessed by attendees. 


How to Record Your Presentation